Pre-Session "get-to-know me" form

hi there, vanessa here!

if pictures make you nervous, this will help!
i'd love to get to know you a bit before our consultation. Here's a few questions i'd love to know the answers to:
(nothing here is required so no pressure!)

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sorry to throw this one at you first! quite possibly the hardest questions you have to answer in your life are who you are and what you like. Try to let me in on what you're like and what you're into. Take a look at some of the questions below– that may jog your brain!
*or what are your favorite colors?*
What would you say your style is?
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Example: specific park, favorite childhood place, favorite friend hangout spot
Style of Photoshoot
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Example: Sports Jersey, Trophy, Pets, Family, Friends, etc.
example: certain angles, body parts, imperfections etc. (i do automatically correct acne)
Hair, eyes, lips, nose, ears, etc.
i am a very visual person and would love to draw inspiration from any photos or sites (even music) that you love! I definitely recommend adding some URL's and Links to some of your favorite things! (I Recommend Sharing Pinterest Boards– LOVE those!)
Are there any last things you want to add about you?
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